Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Becoming an Blogging Addict

Okay, I am becoming about obsessive. I've spent like three hours of my day, reading other people's blogs and all I want to do it keep writing and reading more. I didn't realize this was going to become a problem.

I wonder if there are any studies on who blogs. For examples, what ages are most people? Why do they start blogging? Why do they continue? It doesn't seem that some blogs ever get read by anyone. Yet, they continue to do so. Of course, no one really reads mine, but that is the beauty of it to me. I have a crazy need to say things, but really no one needs to hear some of it. How often do people blog? What sort of things do they have in common? I.e. do many people like to read? Do many people work with computers? It's an amazing phenomenon, which until now I didn't understand the appeal.

When I mention I blog, I don't really want to tell them the name I blog under. I just say it's been interesting so far. I worry that I'll end up like that Congressional staffer -- of course, I'm not having sex for money with people on the hill, so it's not as big a deal. And I wouldn't want to say anything mean about other people -- what if they found out? It wouldn't be very nice and I don't like to be malicious. Plus, I can't afford to get fired.

Maybe this will help me keep my private life more private. J is in a business where secrecy and discretion are important. I'm not exactly very good at it, plus I feel like I just blab and I don't even mean everything I say.

I think subconsciously I feel that if I don't establish and keep connections with people, I'll disappear. I want to be a part of life -- a vibrant part. I don't want to get left behind or out of the loop. Childhood traumas I guess.


At 5:53 PM EST, Blogger Jay said...

I have been wondering the same things myself: are bloggers more often people with a passion for writing, or for computers?
I don't know much about computers, my account was set up by someone else. But once I got going, there was just something satisfying about seeing my thoughts set down in words. Gratifying.
You can link my name and read my blog if you want, and if you leave a message I'll be able to link back to yours. To me, it is so interesting to find other people who you can read about regularly...a little like reality TV, only not as crappy.

At 9:39 AM EST, Blogger The Worker said...

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At 10:08 AM EST, Blogger Corona Red said...

I'm glad to hear others feel the same way. I would not be able to say the things The Worker said on her site, but it doesn' mean I don't think some of the same. And with my girlfriends, I complain about the same things. I like both of your blogs. And you're right, Jay, it's like reality TV without the crap.

At 2:50 PM EST, Blogger Corona Red said...

Worker - Sorry I deleted your comment. I was trying to get to your blog and hit the wrong button. Still learning. Please post again and post a connection to your blog.

At 3:04 PM EST, Blogger Easy for you to Say said...

I agree Blogging is addictive. I thought I'd be the last person to blog. I've been blogging on another site for a couple of months and quite surprise how much I enjoy it. Before I thought blogging was only for folks who were too self-absorbed with their problems. I was wrong.

At 5:15 PM EST, Blogger citygurl said...

I just started mine in October and I've never been so unbelievabley addicted, i mean, I have the least addictive personality in the world, i can't form a habit if I tried, but this..this is an obsession.

BUT, what it does for me is it gets my creative juices flowing for other projects, it clears my head, and it's kind of like therapy...

and in the meanwhile you read other people's stuff and it instills a sort of comfort that there are other intelligent people out there and it's fun to kind of get a slice of someone's personal life.

oooh, maybe it's a modern take on voyerism??

I am absolutely the worst speller. damn. I need spellcheck on these blogs.

At 6:13 PM EST, Blogger The Worker said...

my site is


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