Thursday, December 16, 2004

Office Holiday Celebrations

I love Christmas. I do. I love the trappings -- the music, the lights, the presents, all the good will and fun.

However, I cannot stand the way it works at the office. I work for the government - the federal government in Washington, D.C.. There is such a thing as separation of church and state. However, everywhere I look there are Christmas trees and Santas and all the trappings of Christmas.

I raised the topic when a couple people were talking around the secretary's desk. She just didn't understand what I was saying (not surprised, she's nice, but not well educated). Anyway, these people just seemed to have no clue on how to be inclusive. I was trying to explain and they just kept going on about a Christmas party and Christmas Luncheon and Christmas gift exchange. Finally, the newest boss overhead us and said I was right and we could have a winter holiday celebration, not Christmas. But, we still have all Christmas decorations.

I said why don't we just do snowflakes and winter scenes? Why can't we do a wall with information on lots of holidays? But, it's so easy for them to do it with just Christmas, they just don't have a clue. And management allows it to continue.

There are two Jews in my office and when I asked one of them, she said she is just used to it and ignores it. I feel like it's annoying and I'm sure she just doesn't want to make a fuss, but someone should. The entire building is like this. It's crazy.


At 12:51 PM EST, Blogger Easy for you to Say said...

No you're not. I agree with all your statements. I go out of my way to buy generic Holiday cards. I will say "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". I don't assume.

btw, Happy Holidays!

At 1:02 PM EST, Blogger The Worker said...

Corona: I can say so much about this but I need to gather my thoughts. We had our holiday party last night and I'm still recovering. I must say that there are quite a few jews in my office and none of them are offended my any of us calling it a "christmas" party.

At 2:10 PM EST, Blogger citygurl said...

personally I hate 'the holidays' so i try to ignore all things equally. but it is rather in your face and the only cute cards I could find said "merry xmas" so i just blacked it out for my friends that celebrate other holidays...what are ya gonna do? It's the hallmark holiday season...

At 6:26 PM EST, Blogger Jay said...

It's really sad when the Jewish people are just used to it, like it's okay to leave them out of things just because everyone's done it before.
Things get a little touchy around my house because my sister's boyfriend's mother is a Jehova's Witness, and they really don't do any holiday thing: they could not buy a gift no matter what you called it. So it's a little bit like stepping on eggshells, and you can be as generic and as PC as you want, but there will always be a hundred other people around who will cancel it out.


At 10:32 AM EST, Blogger Chloe's Passion said...

I LOVE Christmas, but I have to agree with you about it not being an equal opportunity holiday. At my company they have done away with the Christmas party and instead they hold a Winter Celebration in late January. We are allowed to decorate out immediate areas, desks, or cubes, but there are no other decorations allowed anywhere else. I agree, it is out of control.


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