Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Inauguration 2005 - How Ridiculous!

Inauguration 2005 is simply the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Bush talks a good game about terrorists and spending the tax payer's money wisely, but it's all talk.

So, the inauguration is going to cost the District government @$14 million in security. While all the past presidents have covered these costs, this administration is saying - "no, you pay for it." They actually told them to take it out of the Homeland Security funding they received last year. Now, for some reason, the administration doesn't understand that this funding was already set aside for other projects. Protecting people and the city for a bunch of parties for three days seems to be a waste of their funds when they could be making real, significant changes to District security.

And did you have any idea of the incidential costs that noone ever talks about. All non-essential federal employees are getting a holiday on Thursday -- that costs about $63 million dollars (correction from 1/2 million) alone. This means that many contractors and other people who work with the federal employees are off that day, too. More lost income.

Traffic is another annoying side effect of this inaugaration. The streets are going to be a mess. They are actually starting some of the closings tonight (two days before). They are practically closing the downtown area of the district to all non-residents and non-VIPs.

And why are we having these parties? They have been cancelled before. One president cancelled because of a death in his family. And now more than ever the parties seem extravagant and unnecessary. He won - swear him in again and let's move on. Why do they have to have another inauguration for the same man? I say at this point if you win a second term, you don't get an inauguration with all the trappings.

Especially now. With the tsunami, the Iraqi war and all the other hardships in the world, now would be a good time to show reverence, to show empathy, and to show the world we are serious people. To waste time and money on these events annoys me to death. Why can't we just get on the business of running this country? Does he not have enough to do?

I swear it's going to be a long four years.


At 4:20 PM EST, Blogger Cal the Wonderdog said...

It all hurts too much to think about. So ridiculous it hurts having to live with this human as the leader of such a great land.

I liked his father a lot, but this guy makes me ashamed of the humans that pretend to believe in his "lie by omission" leadership style and doublethink approach.

At 4:30 PM EST, Blogger Jay said...

It does seem senseless, doesn't it? Seems very wasteful actually. In Canada, when we swear in a pm, it's a somber occasion. They shake hands and have tea. That's about it. You didn't win prom queen, you're the head of a state. Sheesh!

At 8:57 AM EST, Blogger Corona Red said...

I know it's crazy. Jay - I got a laugh over your comment. You are exactly right -- it's not prom queen!


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