Thursday, January 27, 2005

Update on Fridge Situation

Well, I had to order a new fridge. My sister brought her five day cooler over and we filled it with everyone salvageable from the refrigerator and freezer. I gave her some stuff to refreeze. I put the cooler outside since it's all of six degrees today.

I then called my dad to talk refrigerators. Of course, another problem. Nothing decent will fit. I wanted a fridge with energy star rating and with ice and water in it. I measured and remeasured every inch of the space available. We discussed the fact that only a side-by-side would work because there's so little space in that kitchen. Dad finally found one fridge that would fit. I have no idea how they are going to get it into the kitchen or get the old one out. It's crazy. But for $40, the company will remove my old fridge and install my new one. Money well spent.

One up side to all this, my aunt offered to buy the fridge as a birthday present. So, at least, it's not going to cost me anything. She's very generous. And I really appreciate it. I had no idea where I was going to come up with $500.


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