Thursday, February 10, 2005

Childhood Religious Experiences - My Story of Getting Out of Hell.

I didn't want to leave too long a comment on Tara's blog One Of Many Blessings: An Odd Behavior That Never Left Me Even When Childhood Did, so I am putting my story here. Basically, Tara talked about her childhood experience with religion and how her parents exposed to her to several faiths.

My parents were Southern Baptist. My mother finally let me quit going to services when I was 12. Besides the zillions of things I disagreed with the church about, I finally just reached a point that I couldn't take it anymore.

I remember it well. The preacher was talking about gambling, including buying lottery tickets, was a sin. My grandparents (the holiest people I know) buy them. I was just pissed at that point. I wanted to just walk out. My mother leaned over, put her hand on my knee, and whispered, "You are not to move until this service is over." I swear I've never heard her sound more serious.

After that day, I was never forced to attend again. In fact, my sisters and my father quit going about the same time.

And now, when I go home to Indiana where my folks live, I am surrounded by Southern Baptists. I try to not get into too many discussions with them. It only leads to trouble.

I do enjoy shocking them a bit. I was talking with some cousins my age a few years ago. They asked what I did the prior weekend. I told them I went to the local gay bar with the groups of gay guys I hang out with. The look on their faces -- Gay Bar? You? What? --- Priceless. Then they asked if I was afraid someone would think I was a lesbian. I looked them dead in the eye and said "Why would anyone think that?" They just started shuffling in their seats.

Ahhh -- victory -- they shut up


At 1:56 AM EST, Blogger Ms Mac said...

I gotta tell, I tend to find Southern Baptists some of the scariest people in the world. Scarily ready to believe the most ridiculous doctirne and scarily ready to spout it without fear of ridicule. But then I suppose I do feel the same way about most fundamentalism.

At 9:16 AM EST, Blogger Corona Red said...

Believe me, some of them are. My family isn't too fundamental. But, others in their church are. I had to quit going.

At 10:10 AM EST, Blogger amy said...

I think I could talk about my Southern Baptist upbringing ad nauseum (just ask Tara, I've done it before). Then again, it's not something I really do talk about because I guess it's really colored the person I've become - as well as the person I want to be.

But nevertheless, I'm glad I'm not the only blogger out there with a shady So. Baptist past! :)

At 12:09 PM EST, Blogger Tara said...

I was just about to post something about that and Amy beat me to

Glad that you shared your story Corona.


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