Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Quick Update -- Weekend of 5/20

Sorry I have been off for a few days. I don't have e-mail access at home.

I was supposed to be in on Monday, May 23, but I had to call in sick.

Guess what? On Sunday, I had a bike accident. I now have a sprained left foot, a sprained right knee, contusions, and scrapes on my elbows. Needless to say, I spent the past two days laying on my couch, icing my foot and generally just taking it easy. And I was bored to death. That is long time to doing nothing. Basically, if I couldn't reach it, I just had to deal. And I couldn't get anything done. Gratefully, I had a productive weekend.

Friday - RDO (meaning Regular Day Off). Rained most of the day, so I did some cleaning and ran some errands. Met up with my grandparents at the mall for dinner. They are visiting the area with their church and wanted to meet up with my sister and I.

Saturday - Set up for yard sale. Started on putting in side flower bed, while roommate William watched the sale. I spent two hours digging in the dirt and basically got just one plant in. I had to rush to get cleaned up, so I could pick up my niece at 11:45 a.m. I took her to a Teddy Bear Picnic at a local park. I signed us up months ago. It was fun, but also a bit trying. She's not really a very good listener. I did try to look at some crafts in a store on park property, but she was just cranky by then, so I gave up. She was asleep within two minutes of getting into the car. Got her back to the house and she wouldn't lay back down. My sister ran to pick up my grandparents in D.C. and I started dinner. My niece helped and she actually was helpful. We had a nice dinner with the grandparents. I went for a walk after dinner with the niece. Then, we all went to my nephew's ball game. The boyfriend called just as the game was ending and he met me at my place. He got there about 10:30 p.m and I was beat. So, we just watched TV for a minute and then went to bed.

Sunday - Spent some lazy time with him in the early hours. Then, met the girls for brunch. B, Rose and I are planning a trip to the Galapagos islands, so we met to try to start figuring things out. We decided to invite B's cousin to be the fourth member of our group. (She has accepted.) We did decide on an 8 day cruise and I am glad to hear that we are all on agreement that we don't need to fanciest ship, but we don't want bugs either.

Did more yard work on Sunday afternoon. First, I had to do more cultivating. I moved an azalea from the shade to a sunnier place. I dug a 50-year old rose bush out the ground and moved it. What a nightmare. The roots were so long and I could get to them because of the location of the rose bush. I ended up chopping of some of the roots, splitting the plant into two bushes and transplanting them. I hope they survive. I still need to buy one more trellis. I had wanted to get more transplanting done. I still need to put more veggies in, but alas now I can't.

My friend Anne came over on Sunday evening to go for a bike ride. We had only gone about 1/2 mile when I fell. Somehow, I was trying to shift gears and transition from the street to the side walk, I ended up falling over. I messed up the bike pretty good - the back wheel is bent and now won't turn. I am not sure if the brakes are right or not. Something is definitely wrong with the shifters. I am going to take it in later this week when someone is over to help me. I am sure it's a couple hundred dollars in damage-- I hope not, but it looks bad in places. (Of course, I've only had the bike for a bit over a month and I have put less than 25 miles on it.)

I spent Monday morning in the emergency room. The x-ray on my foot wasn't quite normal, but they just diagnosed a sprain. The knee x-ray was normal, but definitely swollen. It seems to hurt mostly when I've been leaning on it too much. So, I iced both and laid on the couch when I got home. My sister spent most of the day with me, which I really did appreciate.

Annoyance of the weekend (beside obvious) -- When the sale ended, William just packed everything up and brought it back in the house. He knows where Goodwill is -- why he couldn't drop things off, I have no idea. Now, it's all in my living room. Yet, I really can't deal with it right now.

Better go. I'll keep you updated!


At 12:24 PM EDT, Blogger Katya said...

sorry about your ankle and apologies for not stopping by for a while, we tend to just take things to the bin year rather than try and get rid of them, much easier...

the broken heart is a looooong story, that probably better not told, he is the guy i refer to in my "man of my dreams aka known as the B*st*rd that broke my heart* posts...


At 8:51 AM EDT, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Yikes...that sucks you wrecked your bike. It's been so long since I've been on a bike, I've probably forgotten how to ride one!

Hope you get to feeling better soon! :)

At 11:22 AM EDT, Blogger Ms Mac said...

I live in daily fear of alling off my pushbike!

Sorry you faced it first!

At 9:56 AM EDT, Blogger amy said...

So sorry to hear about the accident. I hope you're on the mend soon. Congrats on having such a productive weekend before that (aren't you glad you got it all out of the way?!)!

At 9:20 PM EDT, Blogger Jay said...

Jeepers, I hope you're feeling better after your accident.


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