Monday, May 16, 2005

Update on New Exercise Program/Weight Loss

Sorry it has been so long since I last did an entry. I have had system problems galore -- my html editor finally works. My IT guy installed some new JAVA thing and it fixed it.

As some may recall in my blog entry last month, I am working on losing some serious weight and health issues this year.

Well, it's been over a month now and I'm not doing too shabby thus far. I haven't been losing much weight. I actually set up a formal tracking record on my computer today. I did this several years ago. It looks as if in the past three years, I've lost over 15 pounds and then put back on all of it plus 5 more. When I started this resolution last month, I was about 2 down from that 5 more I picked up the past two years. So, I know I can do -- I've done it before.

I am still consuming more chocolate and carbs than I would like. I also snack too much. I am a much healthier eater in general than I was three years ago. I am trying to increase my calcium intake by drinking milk and/or eating yogurt every day. I also eat more veggies than ever before.

As far as working out...

Week 1 - 4 times (Yoga, Gym-Elliptical, Biking)
Week 2 - 4 times (Yoga, Biking (2x), Gym-Elliptical) not counting the 1.25 hours of mowing the grass)
Week 3 - 2 times (Yoga, Gym-Treadmill), not counting the 20+ blocks of walking around NYC on Friday and Saturday
Week 4 - 3 times (Yoga, Gym-Elliptical, Bike-8 miles)

I have found it easier to not drink any soda except C2 since I recorded this in my blog.

So far, weight loss has been less than 3 pounds.

My friend at work is really helping to push me with the gym here. We are trying to go three times a week. This week it will probably be only twice since we will both be out on Friday.

I can do this. Just keep trying to remind myself why I am doing all this...


At 11:29 AM EDT, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Yep, you can do it! Just hang in there! :)

At 4:26 PM EDT, Blogger Ms Mac said...

A loss is a loss, no matter how little!

I'm currently going in the opposite direction :-(


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