Thursday, March 31, 2005

Boyfriend Saga Continues

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So, the boyfriend went to Aruba while I was on travel for my job. I wasn't thrilled that I couldn't go because of work. But, I encouraged him to go.

He actually thought of me, not just once, but at least twice while there. He bought me the cutest little magnet (I have a ton of them at work) and a rock from the beach. It surprised me -- it was thoughtful of him. I really liked it.

And things are much better in the bedroom. I think he's been listening to me. If they continue to get better, I will be thrilled.

I haven't told him how I feel yet. I am waiting for the right time. Also, I want to be sure that we are totally compatible first. As I get older, I have just realized that love isn't enough. Revealing too much now really would just make breaking up harder for both of us. (Of course, I am hoping that won't happen.)

So, keep your fingers crossed for me. I am hoping this keeps getting better.


At 7:02 PM EST, Blogger Jay said...

The fact that things have improved even just a tiny bit looks positive. Lots of men are resistent to change and unable to be better, or different. This guy sounds like he's at least trying, so I hope that he can be worthy of you and that you will be happy.

At 11:12 PM EST, Blogger NYCbeauty said...

As I get older, my standards keep getting higher (my most recent post addresses this). The second you don't think he's good enough for you, end it. Don't grow old and cynical like me! I'm glad the HTML thing isn't working for you either. I thought it was just me.

At 1:09 AM EST, Blogger Ms Mac said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

At 7:52 AM EST, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

As long as things are moving forward and working out well for you both...that is such a positive sign! Good for you! :)

At 11:02 AM EST, Blogger Katya said...

i have everything crossed for you...glad things seem to be moving forward for you...


At 12:43 PM EST, Blogger amy said...

You're so right, Corona, love just isn't enough, so I think it's good that you're waiting before telling him how you feel and enjoying the positive changes thus far. Any positive change is good! :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

P.S. - Did you ever get that bathroom renovation worked out?

At 3:12 PM EST, Blogger Tara said...

Good luck with it...hopefully he can provide you with the happiness you deserve.

At 5:57 PM EDT, Blogger Corona Red said...

Thanks for the support everyone. I appreciate it.

And nycbeauty -- believe me I am not going to keep this going if I get to the point where I know I can't wake up next to him happy in 10 years.

And Amy - I am working on a post about the bathroom remodel -- with pictures of before and after.

At 1:49 PM EDT, Blogger amy said...

Cool!! Can't wait to see it! We're actually headed to DC/VA this weekend for a multitude of reasons ... hooray for road trips!


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