Thursday, February 17, 2005

Remodeling Blues

Sometimes, I do not know why I bought a house. This place constantly needs something. And it's neverending.

So, right now, I desperately need a bathroom remodel. It's nothing difficult- no walls coming down, relatively small room (5x7). Rip everything out. Put new tub, shower surround, window frame, toilet and sink. Pretty typical. No tile work -- vinyl floor and shower surround. The window is kinda wierd, so I understand that. I don't need anything fancy. I just want functional.
I've talked to three contractors already.

First one -- Nice guy. Small Company - seems to do most the work himself. However, accent made him hard to understand and I wasn't completely sure he understood what I wanted. Quote: $6,000 if he supplies everything. $2500 if I supply faucets, flooring, toilet, sink, surround, and tub. Basically, he just installs. He can do it soon and it would take 5 days.

Second one -- Nice guy. Big Company - specializes in bathrooms. Really walked through all repairs with me. Asked questions about what I wanted, etc... Quote: $10,000 - $12,000, depending on what I select from their suppliers. $6,000 if I supply everything like I did above. They wouldn't be able to do it for 10-12 weeks. And it would take 5 - 7 days. No day workers. Subcontractors they know and trust.

Third company - Nice guy. Very big, well known company. Didn't come to the house. Calls me and asked about what I wanted. Said one thing was impossible and I would need to replace something that neither of the other two said I would. Asked few questions. Quote: $22,000 varying a bit by what I select. $14,000 if I supply above. They can't do it for 6 months and it would take 3 weeks. I just told him that it isn't acceptable. Then, he's all like "fatherly" with his advice - about getting someone who has all the permits and licenses and insurance. Like I don't know this. Warns all the good companies are going to be booked like this. So, I told him I wasn't interested anymore. Got his number and let it go.

What the hell? Between $6,000 and $22,000. The house isn't worth a $20,000 bathroom I can tell you now. Doesn't that seem strange? I just don't understand these contractors. This shouldn't be so difficult.

I have one more contractor coming on Saturday to look at it and then I have to pick one. This bathroom is my only one and it's starting to grow mold in between the tiles. No matter of cleaning will stop it. It needs to be fixed.

Sometimes, I wish I had gone with the condo.


At 4:40 PM EST, Blogger Jay said...

Oh gosh, I can't get over that. Don't you hate it when these people take a tone with you like 'you're a woman, so you should just let us overcharge you because you don't know any better.' Hah. I'm glad you're informing yourself, shopping around, and way, way smarter than that!

At 6:26 PM EST, Blogger Brandie said...

Contractors are notorious for jerking people around. You are so smart to be shopping around instead of taking what they say with a grain of salt. And screw Mr. Fatherly- he lost himself a sale because of his patronizing attitude. Hopefully one of these days he'll realize how much of an ass he is.

At 8:26 PM EST, Blogger amy said...

Oh man ... don't you just LOVE contractors in Alexandria?!!?! And as for the "fatherly let's jerk this girl around" routine, I got really sick of it. I owned my own condo there too, and had more than my share of idiots who thought that because I was a girl that I was automatically stupid.

Wait it out. See the next guy on Saturday (though don't you love how I automatically assumed it'd be a guy?! tee hee hee) and then see which would work best for you. I understand what you mean with scenario #1 because I had the same issue with carpet installation when I first moved in down there ... keep me posted, k?


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