Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Did You Know? More Strange Things About Me!

Blogging is so surreal sometimes. I just keep doing these. Thanks to Amy for yet another one of these silly things. I did make a few modifications. I promise I will get back to serious blogging next week.

Things I've done are boldfaced.

1. Completely avoided work for an entire day while at work.
2. Researched stuff for school while pretending to work.
3. Had sex outside.
4. Touched a (living) shark.
5. Won a spelling bee.
6. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
7. Visited a Civil War Battlefield.
8. Had sex at a National Park.
9. Gone for an entire 24-hour period without speaking to another person.
10. Failed a class.
11. Had a crush on a teacher.
12. Kissed a teacher.
13. Won a game of Scrabble.
14. Agonized over doing the "right" thing.
15. Eaten reindeer.
16. Visited the top of the Washington Monument.
17. Gone commando to work/school because you hadn't done laundry in ages.
18. Had sex with other people in the room (unsuspecting or otherwise).
19. Been an intern
.20. Walked Hollywood & Vine (and not necessarily as a hooker).
21. Visited Cuba.
22. Lied to your family about something really big.
23. Lied on your resume.
24. Gone broke on vacation (e.g., came home with no money).
25. Got your tongue stuck to a flagpole.
26. Dated/slept with siblings.
27. Been to the circus.
28. Gone on safari.
29. Cheated on someone.
30. Broken up with someone on Valentine's Day.
31. Thrown up on someone else.
32. Dated/slept with your boss (doesn't have to be current one).
33. Given money to a bum.
34. Regretted giving money to a bum.
35. Slept on something other than a bed for a continuous year.
36. Gotten sick from eating too many nuts.
37. Uttered a racial or ethnic or religious slur in front of someone you respected that didn't appreciate it.
38. Sipped on a straw only to find that there was a bug in the straw that you sucked into your mouth.
39. Been so pissed you broke something.
40. Left the tag on your mattress.
41. Gone from zero to bitch in less than three seconds.
42. Gotten sick from taking a bunch of vitamins during a hangover.
43. Bitch slapped another girl.
44. Been the class clown.
45. Been the class nerd.
46. Had a psychic reading.
47. Had a palm reading.
48. Been psychoanalyzed professionally (not just by your nerdy friends).
49. Been cheered up at the sight of a baby.
50. Nursed houseplants to health.
51. Gotten cranky for NO reason.
52. Pretended you knew what someone was saying just to get them to shut the hell up.
53. Had sex in a shower.
54. Had sex in a moving car.
55. With the driver.
56. Dated someone more than 10 years your senior.
57. Lived alone.
58. Ate only cheese for a day.
59. Had a poo dream. (Not sure what this is.)
60. Kept flour for a year past the expiration date. (Flour expires?)
61. Worn a skirt so short it should've been illegal.
62. Done a pole dance (professionally or otherwise).
63. Cheated on a test.
64. Forged someone else's signature.
65. Had cyber sex.
66. Had phone sex.
67. Cut your hair after a bad break-up.
68. Cut your hair to cause a break-up.
69. Faked it.
70. Watched porn. (If 3 minutes count and I turned it off. Not my thing.)
71. Starred in porn.
72. Seen the Hollywood sign.
73. Spit on someone.
74. Given a lap dance to a gay guy.
75. Made out with a gay guy (knowing he was gay or otherwise).
76. Lost your virginity before your junior year in highschool.
77. Pretended you could not speak English to avoid talking with someone.
78. Had a crush that broke your heart.
79. Been a bully.
80. Hurt yourself while running "up" a "down" escalator (or vice versa).
81. Been Trapezing.
82. Worn matching outfits with friends on purpose.
83. Annoyed someone else because it was funny (as an adult).
84. Exchanged a gift you didn't like (and didn't tell the giver).
85. Chewed on Nik-L-Nips. (What are these?)
86. Broken a promise.
87. Kept a promise.
88. Given out the wrong phone number.
89. Broken up with someone by ignoring them.
90. Been broken up with by the boyfriend or girlfriend's friend for them.
91. Fasted.
92. Tried a diet that included the words "take three capsules a day."
93. Can't count.
94. Can't spell.
95. Have trouble with the words stationery and stationary.
96. Find the word "hump" funny.
97. Giggle at the word "panties."
98. Bought a subscription to a magazine and then regretted it.
99. Made one of these lists up from scratch.
100. Think you're cool. Cool enough.


At 5:09 PM EST, Blogger Jay said...

You've been trapezing? Awesome.

At 8:43 AM EST, Blogger amy said...

Hey Corona, thanks for duplicating the list. Joo and I thank you for referencing our weeks of hard work! LOL!

How's the snow?!

At 12:48 PM EST, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Gone for 24 hours without speaking to another person??? I'd have to be unconscious for that to happen...:)

At 6:28 AM EST, Blogger Katya said...

great answers... i love these things...i might steal


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