Monday, April 11, 2005

Shopping--the Never Ending Story

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Shopping used to be fun. I remember fun. I remember looking forward to it. Now, it just seems like work. Nothing fits or looks right. For every one thing I buy, I try on 20 different items. What has happened to me? Or maybe it's the stores!

The other night, I invited a friend to go shopping with me. We both wanted to look at clothes and I needed to look at bathroom accessories. No problem or so I thought. As we waded our way through the crazy racks at Macy's, I found very few items that I actually liked. Now, mind you, I don't pay full prices at department stores unless absolutely necessary. So, it's through the sales racks I look. Pink blouse, purple sweaters -- when did the world turn into an Easter Egg. I don't wear pink -- I have red hair. And I don't care for purple.

I just want a pair of nice black slacks, some loafers and a nice sweater set for work. Why is this so hard? Of course, pants have always been hard for me. Being tall, I can't buy pants at regular stores because most of them don't carry talls. Since many of them carry petites, this is a point of contention for me.

So, we're shopping in Macy's. Nothing good. Nothing is popping out. It's as if they design for the teenager and the 40 years and old crowd. Either it's too revealing and tight for work or it's too matronly. The skirts hit at strange places. We both tried on some things. I did find a black bohemian style top for the weekends. But for work, both of us found nothing. It was disappointing.

Next, we ran to one of those home design stores. They probably had 50 shower curtains. I spent 20 minutes trying to narrow it down. My friend tried to help, but her style is completey different than mine. Even the toothbrush holder was challenging. Go for function or form? Decorative or useful? What about the gunk factor? (You know the stuff that grows in the bottom of your toothbrush holder if you don't watch it.) Finally I picked out a set -- including curtain, rug, toothbrush holder, and matching hand towels. Almost $125. And we left.

(Of course, three days later I returned everything that I bought because I decided it was too modern for my faucets. Okay, so my best friend (the design student) said it didn't go. So I knew if I kept it that his comments would keep resurfacing in my head until I eventually gave into them. I went to three other bed and bath places before finding the one I bought. Which I love and it goes!)

Shopping has become such a chore, especially for clothes.. Trying to locate what I want is becoming more difficult. It seems as soon as I discover a new source of tall pants, the store discontinues the style I like. For jeans, I have to order them through the internet. It's a bit nuts.

It is store after store without end. And I hate the feeling that my clothes are becoming stale in any manner.

It is a necessary evil, which I find myself still indulging in. What's a woman to do?


At 12:15 PM EDT, Blogger NYCbeauty said...

Oh my god...I, too, am looking for the perfect pair of black pants. I, too, am a tall. It SUCKS. Banana Republic on line has talls. They are ok. Really. Good luck to you!

At 12:38 PM EDT, Blogger Jay said...

I am a petite, but with hips and big boobs. It's not like we have it easy either. You'd think stores would want to make it a little easier to take our money!

At 1:17 PM EDT, Blogger Ms Mac said...

Euurrgghhh! I loathe shopping. I have broken out in a cold sweat!

At 6:23 AM EDT, Blogger An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life said...

screw clothes shopping.. it does my head in too.. go naked and just buy lovely shoes!

At 1:03 PM EDT, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I sympathize with you....I HATE clothes shopping. I have the opposite problem, however....I'm a short little Peanut and it seems like everything I buy has got to be hemmed (and no, I don't sew).

At 2:32 PM EDT, Blogger amy said...

Well this certainly sounds familiar. I'm losing weight, but still can't find anything appropriate in the stores for the same reason you mentioned - it's either inappropriate for work because it was designed for a teenager, or it's too matronly. What's a girl to do?!


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