Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick Update on House

No pictures available right now, but we are moving along. I am on week 10 now. I moved back in last Friday -- thank goddess I am home. My cat and I so needed to come back to our place. I hate not being at home.

They finished installing all the drywall and are now sanding it down. I had hoped that the sanding would be finished by the time I moved back, but no luck. They also started working on my little deck out back. The base has been built and all the old stuff torn out.

The faucet arrived, along with the sprayer and the drain. They are awesome. Now, the contractor is not sure if they will fit or not. He is not sure the backsplash is tall enough to accommodate a wall-mounted sink. I certainly hope so. We're going to have to see.

The dishwasher, stove, hood, and garbage disposal are arriving next Wednesday. The cabinets are also due in next week. I am leaving for a week long vacation on September 3, so I wanted to get a look at everything before it's installed.

I still have to find flooring, paint, hardware for the kitchen cabinets, a bathroom door, and other items. My contractor is working on a list for me of what he needs me to buy.

I am closing on the additional funding for my home equity line of credit on Friday. It's kinda scary how much I have taken out. But, it will be worth it, as the house is worth so much more now. And I will like living there even more.

I'll post more photos as soon as they are developed.


At 1:45 AM EDT, Blogger Ms Mac said...

Blimey! It seems to be moving along so quickly. Probably more so for me that you and your cat, seeing as I haven't been displaced! ;-)

At 3:23 AM EDT, Blogger Magpie said...

glad things are moving along, its scary how costs add up isn't it, when we did the kitchen you'd forget something really important that costs a fortune...


At 11:45 PM EDT, Blogger NYCbeauty said...

Yeah for you and your kitty. Can't wait to see the pic's.

At 2:43 PM EDT, Blogger Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i would love to do our kitchen, no funds at all right now though. we did our bathroom a few years ago, another small room that's is expensive!

At 2:51 PM EDT, Blogger Jay said...

I don't even want to imagine how much money is getting spent...but it's so exciting to see such a familiar place be transformed. It will all be worth it if it ever ends!


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