Friday, October 06, 2006

More on the Remodel

I've been pretty busy this month with the renovation. Plus, I lost my PDA data with all my passwords and contact information. So, I've been rebuilding all of that. It's been nuts.

This is the walls being built in the old kitchen area to contain the new half bath and the new pantry. It's pretty awesome.

And here's that same room with the drywall up. This is a bit further back (shot from the dining room) and show the whole kitchen.

The yellow there on the wall on the left is actually the old part of the house -- it was a gorgeous color called "Yellow Rose," but it's a little bright for the look I am going for now.

And here it is with walls, paint and you can even see a bit of the gorgeous Corian "Maui" countertops.

The paint in this room is a Behr product in Satin called "Stable Hay." A bit more of a sophisticated color, I think. I really like it.

You can also see a bit of the floors - aren't they beautiful? They are Antique Oak laminate from Dupont (I think that's the brand). Maybe it's Duponi.

My ex-boyfriend from college came into town and ended up staying a week with me while putting in this floor. (And yes, he laid more than the floors, but that's our little secret.)


At 10:30 AM EDT, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

WOOOOO-OOOOOO!!! Laid more than floors, huh? YOU GO, GIRL!!! ;)

And your house is gorgeous...I do love that "Stable Hay"'s so fresh looking!

Nice to see you back! :)

At 4:25 PM EDT, Blogger Tara said...

Looks great Corona!

(we won't let your little secret out :) )


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