Monday, November 06, 2006

Trying to Wrap Up So Many Things

I tell you it has been the month of weirdness. I am still working on wrapping up the house remodel - -I promise pictures soon. I still want to finish a few more items before I take the final shots.

CJ and I are still talking and due to some crazy family crap I am going home this week to Indiana for a few days, so I arranged to stay with him. I told my family that I am staying with "a friend." We're still talking and I am really looking forward to seeing him. It's strange to think that as I never expected this to happen. I am taking Stacy's advice and just going for it.

No word on Clark Kent, the guy coming back from the middle East. The other Indiana guy is still texting and he called the other day (I didn't catch it). I don't think I'll mention I'll be in town to him. And the other guys have kinda fallen away at the moment.

Work has been nuts. I have a new arch nemesis -- the Nun. I swear when she starts talking all I can see is a Nun in a habit with a ruler in her hand. She is making me crazy. I may have to smack her.

My blogger is acting up, so I hope this works. I'll touch base with you all soon -- and thanks to Jay and Stacy the Peanut Queen for the thoughts and advice. I appreciate it.


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