Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm Happy...really Happy

I know it seems strange. But, I'm happy, really happy with CJ. And there's no but.

You know the "I'm happy but .... I wish the sex was better" or "but I hope he can deal with my family." Or whatever. This time no "buts."

It feels right this time. It feels easy. I am not anxious -- I feel us moving along and think this is a man I could be with forever. And it doesn't scare me to say that. I really enjoy him. He's easy to talk to. We talk for a hour to hour and a half, every day for a month now. We talk about anything and everything. We don't keep secrets. It's entirely different with him.

I can feel it happening. I'm falling in love with him again. Only this time, I'm ready and so is he. It's only been a month in some ways. But, in others, he has always been there.

Life is good.


At 2:00 AM EST, Blogger Ms Mac said...

Yay! Then I'm happy for ya!

At 8:35 PM EST, Blogger NotCarrie said...

I guess you can't bid, but if you know any other single males to be auctioned and females to bid, send them to our site! IT'S FOR CHARITY!

At 4:27 PM EST, Blogger Tara said...

That is wonderful news!

At 11:51 AM EST, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Good for you (both!)

At 7:17 PM EST, Blogger Jay said...

That's so good to hear from you. You deserve it, I hope he deserves you. If so, then he's a lucky guy.

At 4:43 AM EST, Blogger Jay said...

Still happy?
Life still good?
I really hope so.

At 5:55 AM EST, Blogger An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life said...

way to go babe!.. hope things are still very very peachy



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