Friday, June 24, 2005

Just a Quick Note

I know I've been cheating with the lists and things. So, here's some real stuff.

Weirdness of the Day
My ex-sister-in-law (as of last month) now has a blog. My mom found it (she's an incredible snoop and my silly brother did look at it on my parent's computer). OH MY goodness is all I have to say. So, here's where it's weird. I (and most of my family) are now keeping up with what's happening via my exSIL. My family knows I blog too, but I refuse to get them any information on my blog's name.

Success of the Day
I went to the gym today. Second time this week. My foot is still weak, but I was able to do 9.48 miles on a the stationary bike. Feeling successful.

That's it. I'm off for what i hope is a nice slow weekend. Taking the nephew to see Star Wars tomorrow. Little girl time and only 2 household project are beckoning. Have a good one!


At 8:26 AM EDT, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I think it would be a little weird to find my ex-sis-in-laws blog too....and I KNOW I don't want my family reading any of mine (which is why they have no idea I blog...;)

At 12:22 PM EDT, Blogger Katya said...

oooh does she know that you all found it...??? thats probably best, more juicy gossip that - this is also why i don't let anyone know that I blog either...


At 12:10 PM EDT, Blogger Tara said...

The only family I have let know about my site are my brother and cousin. Everyone else would freak to see that I talked about them on the web.


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