Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Weird Lists

More Weird Lists of Stuff from same source as last time.

5 Snacks I love
1. Dried mangos, m&ms, and cashews
2. Pringles - esp. Sour Cream and Onion
3. Goat Cheese and crackers
4. Hot Tamales
5. Artichoke and Cheese Bites

5 Songs I Know all the Words to, Even Without the Music
1. Not Gon' Cry - Mary J. Blige
2. Can't Fight The Moonlight by Lee Ann Rimes
3. They Asked About You by Reba McEntire
4. You are my sunshine
5. I'm Proud to be An American by Lee Greenwood

5 Things I Would Do With $100,000,000:
1. Buy a bigger house
2. Buy a convertible
3. Pay off my bills
4. Buy a computer
5. Have Lasik hair removal

Top 5 Locations I`d Like to Run Away To:
1. Guatemala with Allen
2. London
3. Australia
4. Galapagos Islands with the Girls
5. Caribbean (just to lay on the beach, be waited upon, drink margaritas and read)

5 Bad Habits I Have:
1. Smoking
2. Not Exercising enough
3. Always late
4. spending too much money
5. Overthinking my relationships

5 Things I like Doing:
1. Reading
2. Mosaic Design (it's my newest hobby)
3. Cooking
4. Snuggling with my boyfriend, Jay
5. Sleeping

5 Things I Would Never Wear:
1. pants that are too short
2. empire waist dress (makes all tall women look pregnant)
3. intentionally ripped clothing
4. all one designer from head to toe
5. ugly stuff (whatever I decide it is)

5 T.V. Shows I Like:
1. West Wing
2. the 4400
3. Everwood
4 . Gray' Anatomy
5. Desperate Housewives

5 Movies I Like:
1. Sweet Home Alabama
2. Ever After
3. Harry Potter
4. Steel Magnolias
5. X-Men (both of them)

5 Famous People I'd like to Meet:
1. Reba McEntire
2. J.K. Rowlings
3. Julia Roberts
4. Hillary Clinton
5. Drew Barrymore

5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:
1. Garden - It's blooming - lilies everywhere
2. Friends - Hung out with Rose and Anne earlier this week
3. Cat - Duchess is so funny and she's after crickets now
4. Home - Really love just hanging out at my place, especially when my roomie isn't around.
5. Life - I am trying to take my time and enjoy it while I can.

5 Biggest Frustrations at the Moment
1. Garden - There is so much still to do.
2. Roommate - It's like have a bad teenage husband. Without any sex!
3. Boyfriend, Jay - I really like him, but he's clueless
4. Family - Trying to guilt me into traveling to BFE in September
5. Work - Need to get a promotion, a new job, something


At 9:23 AM EDT, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Another one I'm gonna steal!!!

Great answers, by the way!!! :)

At 9:44 AM EDT, Blogger amy said...

Great list with great answers! :)


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