Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chick Flicks -- What do you Think?

So on MSN today, they had a 16 year old list the great chick flicks of all time, which was not quite on the money if you ask me.

I definitely agree with what she had to say about "Love Actually," "Bridget Jones' Diary," "Dirty Dancing" and "Say Anything." I wouldn't include "Romeo + Juliet," "Chasing Liberty," "First Daughter" or "Cinderella Story." None of those are worthy. The others would be debatable. However, she was missing a few...

Practical Magic
A great movie about sisters, relationships, and being true to yourself. It's funny -- Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are great -- exact opposites in many ways. And Stockard Channing and Diane West are perfect as the old aunts. The witchcraft is interesting, more respectful than what you typically see in most movies. And hello -- eye candy by the name of Aidan Quinn.

The perfect friend movie -- one for everyone to relate to a character. You also get Robert Russler - a hot, but accessible guy. And you have to love lines like "If I am not married by the time I'm 20, I'm gonna kill myself." And where the maid pronounces "Ya'll are about the horniest bunch of white folk I ever seen." And each character has a bit of depth to her -- no just sticking to their stereotypes -- each is able to find happiness in their own way. I appreciate that.

Thelma & Louis
Great girlfriend movie -- and a young Brad Pitt to boot. A bit dirtier/grittier than the other movies. It brings out all kinds of emotions.

and the last, but not least....

Steel Magnolias
If you don't have anything nice to say come sit by me. This is the ultimate in quotable movies. Tons of great lines - amazing actresses. Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts, Olympia Dukasis, and Shirley MacLaine. This movie is all about women bonding. It takes you through every emotion - joy to despair. And laughter through tears - as Dolly would say "one of my favorite emotions." And a bit of eye candy by the name of Dylan McDermott.

If those had been added to the MSN list, it would have felt a bit more complete. But, that is my personal opinion.


At 8:03 AM EDT, Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Thelma & Louise I loved...but I didn't like the ending...although honestly, that's how it HAD to end to end know what I'm saying??

And I LOVED the movie "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore. That was definitely a chick flick! :)

At 9:19 AM EDT, Blogger Ms Mac said...

I adored Shag! I thought I was the only person in the entire world to remember it though!

Really, a 16 year old doing the chick flicks? Come on, surely she would have been confusing her genres and listing teen movies instead of true chick flicks.

But then, what makes a chick flick?

At 2:53 PM EDT, Blogger Corona Red said...

I almost added "Ever After" but I held back. I love that movie, too.

And chick flicks -- I think the main deal is most men don't appreciate them. That is probably the key.

At 10:52 PM EDT, Blogger NotCarrie said...

Is First Daughter the one with Katie Holmes? That movie is soooo bad!

At 10:34 AM EDT, Blogger Corona Red said...

Notcarrie -- Exactly -- scary isn't it?

At 2:46 AM EDT, Blogger FreeThinker said...

I bet there's not one single car crash or explosion in any of these chick flicks.

Well, except for the end of Thelma and Louise ...


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