Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another List of 100 Things You Didn't Know

Here's my second attempt at 100 things you didn't know about me.

1. I was a big baby - 10 pounds, 2 ounces and almost 24 inches long.
2. I rode a camel at a zoo.
3. I have taken a flying lesson in a small private plane.
4. I lived in a fraternity house with 48 men for two years.
5. I don't have a computer at home.
6. When I am reading, I concentrate so much that I don't see people approaching me.
7. I ride the metro to and from work each day.
8. I work a compressed schedule - eight 9-hour days and one 8-hour day.
9. So, I have off every other Friday.
10. I met George Bush (senior) at a speaking engagement - who knew he was actually funny?
11. At the age of 16, I went to the beach for the first time.
12. I was the editor of my high school and junior high school yearbook.
13. When in high school, I was president of the Environmental Concerns Society and captain of the Debate Team.
14. In junior high, I was voted "Most School Spirit" with my sister.
15. I had perfect attendance only one year in school for my entire scholastic career.
16. When I was ten, I shook a nine-year-old girl and yelled at her for biting my sister on the forehead (of course, I yelled at my sister, too, for letting her).
17. I've only rode a horse once - at the Berlin Zoo - almost fell off.
18. I don't really know how to swim.
19. My brother calls me the "reasonable" sister.
20. I spent my 31st birthday in Graceland.
21. While I enjoy most music, I love country music.
22. My favorite food is schnitzel (a German dish).
23. I collected shotglasses for over 20 years.
24. I have over 200 shotglasses.
25. I love to do crafts, but I'm pretty bad at them.
26. I'm chronically late.
27. I love teenage junk movies like "10 Things I Hate About You" and "Save the Last Dance."
28. I'll see almost anything that has Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, Drew Barrymore or Julia Stiles in it.
29. My favorite classic movie is "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."
30. The last Broadway Musical I saw was "Mama Mia."
31. Last summer, I saw "The Boy From Oz" on Broadway in New York City.
32. I am planning my vacations using a book called "1000 places to Go Before You Die."
33. I have been to just over 35 places in the book so far in my life.
34. This summer, I'm renting a beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with two girlfriends.
35. Three friends and I are planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands for February 2005.
36. I love both Phish Food and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Ben and Jerry's.
37. I like to make lists - mostly "to do" lists.
38. I have an IPaq which I find I have separation anxiety from if I don't use it every few hours.
39. I don't know anything about MP3s.
40. I still haven't figured out everything my IPaq does.
41. I have been a bridesmaid at least 6 times - maybe more.
42. I've been the wedding photographer three times.
43. My favorite dog is a Saint Bernard.
44. I believe all cats should have royal names like Lady, Duchess, King and Princess.
45. I also believe in giving animals middle names -- how else will they know they are in trouble? 46. I consider myself a liberal on most political issues.
47. I proudly call myself a feminist.
48. However, I have read "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."
49. I still would love to have a traditional wedding with the white dress, the flowers, and an amazing man waiting at the alter for me.
50. While I love to garden, I only started doing so about 3 years ago when I bought my house.
51. In my garden, just a few veggies and herbs I have are lemongrass, corn, basil, rosemary, and string beans.
52. Hydrangeas are my favorite shrub - I have two in my yard.
53. While working for a small private university, I advised the historically black fraternities and sororities.
54. I attended a regional meetings for the National Pan-Hellenic Conference (the body which oversees the historically black fraternities and sororities).
55. Since I am 5 foot 9.5 inches tall, I have to buy tall pants.
56. I love capris, mostly because I can buy them anywhere.
57. I hate ankle pants as I always think they look too short.
58. I can't imagine not living near my best friend, Rose.
59. I was a certified peer Sex Educator in college.
60. To this day, I kept a video we used to show in our classes.
61. Yes, I did put a condom on my head on more than one occasion.
62. I have been in love a few times, but none lasted forever.
63. I never regret anything I ever did, only the things I didn't do.
64. Somehow, in moving elementary schools, I missed out where they teach how many inches in a foot, yards in a mile, etc..
65. I still struggle with measurements as a result.
66. I don't think I figured out there were 12 inches in a foot until the seventh or eighth grade.
67. Sometimes, I think I am too selfish to ever have children.
68. Sometime, I want children so much that I dream about sperm banks and orphanages in a foreign country.
69. I've never done any type of illegal drug.
70. When I started college, I was a journalism major.
71. Then, it was communications.
72. Then, it was health education.
73. Then, I ended up a sociology major because I liked the classes best.
74. In college, I took a class where I had to go to a funeral home and plan my own funeral.
75. I am in the midst of filling out my living will.
76. I have two nephews and two nieces, with another niece on the way.
77. When I was in junior high, I wanted to change my name to Samantha.
78. I have two tattoos - a rose on my back and a broken heart that says worthy of love.
79. I have considered getting more tattoos - but I hate to spend the money.
80. If I decide to have kids, I think I will have the broken heart removed - it's right where my belly would expand.
81. I love fireworks -- I want to clap after them each time - no matter how dorky that sounds.
82. I love romance novels, but the sex scenes get me a bit more hyped than I would like.
83. I never thought I would be in a relationship like the one I have now.
84. I also showed students how to put a condom on - using a plastic penis - the guys called it the crystal penis.
85. I went to therapy in graduate school as part of my degree.
86. I was a bit shocked to find that my serious high school boyfriend is married now.
87. I am very verbal and sometimes the filter between my head and my mouth doesn't function. 88. Lately, I really want to smack my team lead.
89. My mom used to make most of clothes when I was small.
90. None of those clothes had buttons because she didn't know how to make button holes.
91. I do have a favorite aunt and uncle.
92. I don't have a favorite niece or nephew.
93. My younger sister is now making more money than me.
94. I've very annoyed by this and feel like I'm failing to live up to my potential.
95. I totally missed out on applying for a great job because I got too busy at work.
96. I got my first French kiss from a 16 year old guy when I was 12.
97. I was about 5 feet, 7 inches at the age of 12.
98. My favorite color to wear is blue.
99. Even though I love lists, this one is getting on my nerves.
100. I haven't seen my boyfriend in almost three weeks -- I'm almost ready to let him go.

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At 8:19 PM EDT, Blogger amy said...

Wait ... you had me until #100 ... you're almost ready to let him go?? Did I miss something?!? Do tell! (Great list, btw! You make the best lists ...)

At 9:49 AM EDT, Blogger Katya said...

great list, we could definately hang out, i love ben & Jerrys and i could watch anything with Drew Barrymore, i love "Everafter"...

:0) i also vote for more news on the boyf...

At 12:06 PM EDT, Blogger Leesa said...

I love PHISH FOOD!! You don't hear many say that! Makes me want to go buy some NOW.


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