Monday, August 23, 2004

First Time Blogger

This is my first blog. I really just wanted a place to journal that provided a bit of anonymity and yet was open for comment and advice. I am not sure where to start, but I am going to try it.

Right now, I am just feeling frustrated with my life. I'm single, 30, and feeling like I'm stuck in the romance area. I'm tired of being alone. For some reason I have been single for a few years. And I haven't even dated that much. I haven't even been out with a guy I really like in a long time. I have tried it all --- friends introducing me, going out to bars,, set-ups, volunteering, etc... But, I'm not going to devote all my time to trying to meet a guy. I don't understand why this is so difficult. In college, it seemed like I always had a boyfriend, but since then, there has been a steady decline with a sudden drop in choices.

I am frustrated with this country. It constantly amazes me the stupidity of Americans -- And I'm an American. I felt like smacking the American tourist I saw in Guatemala who walked right into the middle of a religious ceremony and didn't have the common courtesy to get out of the way. I want to ask the religious right how gay marriage is going to hurt them. Is Britney Spears' Las Vegas wedding really that more sacred than the gay couples I know who've been together for 20 years? I don't get it. I can't believe people still believe Saddam Hussein was involved in September 11 -- how many studies have to be published? He's a terrorist -- always had been and always would have been, but he wasn't involved. And he didn't have WMD.

I am a bit frustrated with my life in general. I am so tired of home improvement and repair. I just want to do nothing. I want it done. I don't want to spend all my free time obsessing about what is wrong with the house. Yet another reason I'd love to have a man in my life. Someone to help make the decisions and to share the workload. That would be nice.

This is kind of all over the place. Oh well, I'm going to stop for now and look around. Maybe I'll be back again.