Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Another day, another dollar

It's hard to believe I've had a week of vacation and I don't feel rested. I went to Indiana to throw my mother a surprise birthday party. Nothing like leaving the DC area to feel as if I am totally unconnected with the world. I hate that.

So, what's been happening? Florida got hit by Frances, but seems to be surviving. It certainly could have been worse.

The Republican Convention came and went without much excitement. Doesn't it seem pointless to even have a convention for the incumbent. I was actually wondering if he was going to pick a new running mate. Would have spiced things up considerably. Right now, I don't know what it take to shake this election up.

I've already started my personal crusade to get people to vote. This is something I truly don't understand. How could anyone, especially women and minorities, take this privilege as a luxury? It wasn't that long ago that we won the right to vote and I can't believe people don't want to see that continue. How can we say democracy works when so few people partake in our democracy each presidential election? What are we waiting for? In order for change to happen, we must act in some manner -- to try to make a difference.