Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Grey's Anatomy -- Love This Show, Killer Season Finale

Okay, I normally don't blog about stuff like this, but WOW! Grey's Anatomy's season finale (all three hours) was awesome. I wept like a baby and I laughed so much. I yelled at my favorite characters to make the right choices.


I have to say the cliffhanger was perfect -- exactly what I would have done. Who will Meredith choose? The nice guy who has been so patient with her or the arrogant doctor McDreamy who chose his wife before? I am keeping my fingers crossed for McDreamy -- it might not be smart, but they are so in love. They just don't realize it. Plus, I'm not buying the vet's character -- something strange about it.

And really who ever liked Addison? She's weird and not in a good way.

Burke -- I am imagining that his hand is not going to heal properly at first and will require more time. Yang is going to become a better girlfriend, but it won't be easy.

I was so sad about Danny Duquette - something just sexy about that man. And I wanted Izzy to be happy -- I love this actress and I hope this doesn't mean she is leaving the show.

George and Callie - Finally, I had some respect for his character. I honestly was undecided if I liked him.

Karev - Not sure what his deal is, but in the end he was there for Izzy and that is what counts.

Great show... I can't wait until next season.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Movie Review - Akeelah & the Bee

Excellent Movie!

I took my nephew to see Akeelah & the Bee over the weekend. It is a great film. First, I like to expose my nephew to smart women on film - girls who can take care of themselves. And this girl pulls herself together. Secondly, it really showed that the academic side of life can be fun. Thirdly, it was done with an African American cast. It gives the story authenticity. Lastly, it is just a well done film.

Laurence Fishburne is just great - as her coach. Personally, I've found him to be a great actor. But, his film choices are all over the place. He's the perfect fit for this character.

The little girl is the starring role is Keke Palmer. She is excellent. A real kid it seems. She's cute without being too cutesy.

And the storyline is great. Complex enough for adults, but down to earth enough for kids. It is a rare film that both my nephew and I enjoy.

I highly recommend attending this film as a family. There is a bit of foul language, but language is so central to the film that I believe a lesson is taught about that kind of language.

And yes, now my nephew does want to do spelling bees at his school next year!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Diet and Exercise Update #3

Well, it's working. Slowly, but surely. I am a better mood than I was before. So, what's changed?
I am losing about 1/2 to 1 pound a week - less than I prefer, but at least it's coming off.

I've lost 15 pounds since January 1. So, it's been about 18 weeks since I started. If I continue on this rate, I could meet my goal weight by July 1 and my ideal weight by Aug. 31. Not too shabby.
I can do this. I am reading "The 3-hour Diet." It's an interesting take on losing weight -- basically you have to eat every 3 hours and stop eating after 9 p.m. at night. This book recommends you eat within 1 hour of rising from bed and consume about 400 calories at breakfast. Then 3 hours later you have a 100 calorie snack. Then 3 hours later you have a 400 calorie meal. Then, 3 hours later you have another 100 calorie snack. Finally, you have a 400-calorie dinner three hours after that. And you get a 50-calorie snack at the end of your day. He also recommends portion size ---- veggies the size of two DVDs, protein the size of a deck of cards, and carbs the size of a Rubic's cube. He also recommends you take your body weight and divide it in half and consume that much water in ounces. That is alot of water.

Sounds easy right?

One problem is what I thought was a veggy is really a carb. I love potatoes and corn -- they don't count as veggies. I did find some fun recipes in the book to try, but none worth bragging about.

Well, I've found if I have certain items in the house - it doesn't matter the serving size, I will just keep eating them. For example, Pringles (even the ones in the 100-calorie packs) don't survive. I ate 8 packs of those in two and a half days. I think it would have been less calories if I had just bought the large can. Chocolate is the same way -- I crave it when it's available. But, I have to really want it to make myself go pick some up.

But, I can get there. I am still trying to eat more veggies. I am drinking more water than ever. And I have been shaking up my whole workout routine. Two weeks ago, I ran one day, biked another, use the ellipitical a third day, and swam for my final workout. Last week, I only got three workouts in -- no pool unfortunately. The pool has been a great tool -- burns lots of calories, but without the sweat. So, I am going to try to do that every Friday night. If I absolutely have to skip on Friday night, then Sunday morning. But, no skipping of the pool.

Just keep your fingers crossed for me. I am going to do this.